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Try Stag Bar's Meatball Skillet with Marinara Meatball Skillet with Marinara
Try Stag Bar's Meatball Skillet with White Sauce Meatball Skillet with White Sauce
Try Stag Bar's Meatball Sliders Meatball Sliders

Choose meatballs, sauce, and cheese


house grind, chicken balls, or stag balls


grandma’s marinara, herb cream sauce, or habanero pesto


mozzarella, ricotta, or provolone

Served on you choice of:

Slider $3

Skillet $8

Every Monday is Meatball Monday

$2 Meatballs


Hand-tossed crust made to order with the freshest ingredients


Gluten Free Add

$2 | $4

Try Stag Bar's Another One Bites The Crust

Another One Bites The Crust

white sauce, mozzarella, herb chicken breast, pancetta, mushroom, leek

$9 | $18

Try Stag Bar's Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast Pizza

white sauce, mozzarella, pancetta, fingerling potatoes, sunny side egg, oregano

$9 | $18

Try Stag Bar's Margherita


tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, basil, oregano, arbequina olive oil

$7 | $14

Try Stag Bar's Crudo


tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto, heirloom tomato, basil, oregano, arbequina olive oil

$10 | $20

Try Stag Bar's Drunken Pizza

Drunken Pizza

sweet whiskey glaze, mozzarella, beer braised short rib, caramelized onion

$10 | $20

Try Stag Bar's Abe Froman The Sausage King of Chicago

Abe Froman The Sausage King of Chicago

tomato sauce, mozzarella, sausage, fennel, leek

$9 | $18

Try Stag Bar's Presto!


habanero pesto, garlic, spinach, artichoke hearts, feta, mozzarella

$8 | $16

Try Stag Bar's Diavola


tomato sauce, mozzarella, jalapeno, pepperoni, green chili

$9 | $18

Try Stag Bar's Meat Coma

Meat Coma

tomato sauce, mozzarella, prosciutto, pepperoni, capicola, sausage

$10 | $20

Try Stag Bar's The Double

The Double

tomato sauce, mozzarella, wild mushroom, pepperoni

$9 | $18

Try Stag Bar's The White Knight

The White Knight

white sauce, mozzarella, wild mushroom, artichoke heart, ricotta

$8 | $16

Try Stag Bar's Buffalo Soldier

Buffalo Soldier

buffalo sauce, buffalo mozzarella, herb chicken breast, cilantro, shaved carrots, ranch drizzle

$9 | $18

Try Stag Bar's Garlic Breath

Garlic Breath

white sauce, ricotta, roasted garlic, raw garlic, pepperoni, parmesan

$9 | $18

Try Stag Bar's Hot & Bothered

Hot & Bothered

tomato sauce, mozzarella, sausage, jalapeno, olive, wild mushroom

$9 | $18

Try Stag Bar's Stag Supreme

Stag Supreme

tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, mushroom, olive, fresh red pepper, leek

$8 | $16

Try Stag Bar's Haole


pineapple marinara, mozzarella, pineapple, pancetta

$10 | $20

Try Stag Bar's The Dirty Hippie

The Dirty Hippie

habanero pesto, mozzarella, fresh red pepper, artichoke heart, mushroom, olive, heirloom tomato, arbequina olive oil

$8 | $16

Try Stag Bar's Blanco


white sauce, mozzarella, artichoke heart, buffalo mozzarella, parmesan

$8 | $16


Try Stag Bar's Antipasto Salad

Antipasto Salad

red wine shallot vinaigrette, feta, provolone, olive, prosciutto, capicola, pepperoni, heirloom tomato, artichoke heart, pepperoncini


Try Stag Bar's Chicken Ceasar

Chicken Ceasar

herb chicken breast, caesar dressing, croutons, shaved parmesan

$7 | $10

Try Stag Bar's House Salad

House Salad

blue cheese or ranch dressing, crouton, heirloom tomato, parmesan

$4 | $8

Small Bites

Try Stag Bar's Short Rib Slider Trio

Short Rib Slider Trio

beer braised short rib, caramelized onion, garlic aioli


Try Stag Bar's Caprese Slider Trio

Caprese Slider Trio

buffalo mozzarella, basil, habanero pesto, tomato


Try Stag Bar's Beignets and the Jets

Beignets and the Jets

eight beignets with powdered sugar served with caramel sauce


Try Stag Bar's Sweet Chili Wings

Sweet Chili Wings


Try Stag Bar's Korean BBQ Wings

Korean BBQ Wings


Try Stag Bar's Buffalo Wings

Buffalo Wings


Try Stag Bar's Hot Wings

Hot Wings


Try Stag Bar's French Fries

French Fries

Garlic Parmesan or Regular



Sat/Sun– 9am-1pm.
Omelettes include choice of Hashbrowns or Fries, Cottage Cheese or Fruit, and Buttermilk Biscuit or English Muffin.

Try Stag Bar's Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast Pizza

White Sauce, Mozzarella, Pancetta, Fingering Potatoes, Sunny Side Egg, Oregano

$9 | $18

Try Stag Bar's Skillet Pancakes

Skillet Pancakes

Two pancakes topped with seasonal fresh fruit and whipped cream

Try Stag Bar's Beignets


Choice of powdered sugar or Churro style, served with caramel sauce

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